Size? We help you with the right fit:)

Size? We help you with the right fit:)

Have you ever thought that size of your stockings might not be the perfect fit for you?
If you have not, welcome to my club. I used to follow my regular confection size. I just could not be bothered to follow the size chart attached to the packaging. Most of the time it worked. At least I thought it did 🙂 I did not pay attention when my pantyhose was slipping around. I used to find it very annoying though. And what was my response? Instead of looking into the size chart, I stopped wearing those uncomfortable stockings. I do not understand, why I just did not look for the reason – the right size.

Later, I started looking at stockings from a different point of view. I realized that stockings have actually amazing benefits for our bodies. I started wearing them not only for a great look, but because of the health benefits they have. Compression stockings give circulatory system a boost, helping blood flow through the legs and back to the heart. In high summer temperatures compression stockings can help with vein dilation, avoiding swollen feet. I understand now that wearing supportive or compression stockings is a great investment in my body. And I want to be sure they fit me well and I feel comfortable wearing them. Moreover, I found out, I can extend the product life if I use the right size.

What did I do in order not to repeat the same mistake again and again? I just simply measured myself.

And how to do so? I would like to share with you, my observation.

These are the most important tips to keep in mind:

Follow the size guide of the product.

Always measure yourself in the morning after you wake up, so you can eliminate wrong measurements due to swelling.

Take measurements while standing.

Measure over bare skin.

Use a tailor’s measuring tape (also known as a sewing tape), not a metal measuring tape.

Very essential is to know your leg length, measure from the floor, behind the heel, to the top of the thigh. (A-G, in the picture below)

For thigh circumference measure the widest part of your thighs. (see point g, in the picture below)

There are more tips, but so far, I believe this brief could be helpful to find the right perfect fit for every woman.

Do you have your own tricks you would like to share? Do not hesitate to comment below 🙂

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On the road with the cup

It is really great to travel with the cup

The summer’s almost gone, but that doesn’t stop you from going on the trip at all! The autumn treks are coming as well as journeys to the exotic parts of the world and the upcoming winter season. So don’t forget your traveling buddy at home!

There are so many reasons to travel with the cup. There is no need to carry boxes of hygiene products which frankly never stay inside their boxes and you always find yourself treasure hunting for the pads or tampons all over your suitcase or backpack. You don’t have to take care of the size of pads you will need and you will definitely not have to think about whether your period is coming during your travel, because you are able to do simply anything with the cup. Bungee jumping or swimming with dolphins? No problem!

Our customers often ask how to take care of the cup on the road. Or whether it is even possible to take certain activities, such as hiking or beach holiday full of sun, sand and drinks, at all. The answer, of course, is yes. You can do all these activities and much more without worrying about a string sticking out of your swimsuit or thinking of the way how to dispose of used pad or tampon on the mountain trail or figuring out how many pieces you need to take with you. You just need one cup. You can swim in the waves, you can take the shower under the waterfall or do any of the winter or summer sports while feeling really comfortable.

And now, let me share some tips on how to use the cup in more demanding conditions without the toilet or the sink.

To be completely honest, I prefer changing the cup in the wood rather than in public restrooms. So the bottle of water is a must-have. I recommend washing the cup with drinking water. If it isn’t possible to wash the cup with warm water at least once a day I always wash the cup with an antibacterial wash and then rinse it thoroughly. Otherwise I wash the cup with femine intimate wash once a day. I used to take two kinds of wash with me – one with the shower gel and one with femine intimate wash. I reconsidered that after a while and I only take the femine intimate wash. Mountain hikers already know why – every bit counts when you are carrying everything on your back!

You can also swim as much as you can without changing the cup after each and every swim. Even winter sports enthusiasts will appreciate the cup because the changing interval is 2 or 3 times longer than with a pad or a tampon. So instead of freeing yourself from the grip of your clothes you can spend the time enjoying the breathtaking views with an Aperol spritz.

You will enjoy yourself so much, you might even forget to change the cup after the 12 hours, so please make a note on that and if you are a new user, it is a good idea to practice the insertion and removal of the cup before you go on your holiday.

For more information visit our webpages or ask anything via our chat. Happy trails and perfect holiday!

Author: Tereza Morávková, LUNACUP

What is LUNACUP menstrual cup?

Let us introduce our cup in a nutshell

The LUNACUP menstrual cup is a modern and eco-friendly care equipment for a modern, vibrant woman who lives her life to the fullest. The cup is a solution for every woman who puts her health and comfort during the period in the first place.

What it is made of? Do I feel it inside when it is inserted?

The menstrual cup is made of medical-grade silicone and like tampon it is inserted into the vagina. It is very soft and flexible and able to adapt to the vagina of every woman. And that is why you won’t feel it inside.

How does it work and how often do I need to empty it?

The cup collects the blood inside the vagina (unlike tampon which absorbs it) and after 4 to 12 hours it has to be removed (depends on the flow intensity) and it is emptied into the toilet. It is reinserted after rinsing with water. Contrary to the opinion of women who have never tried the cup before, the emptying is quick and clean. The menstrual cup is able to collect 2-3 times more menstrual blood than tampon is able to absorb.

How many cups do I need?

You will use one single cup throughout your whole monthly cycle. After your period is over you will easily sterilize the cup and store it safely in the cotton pouch. The cup is then ready for the next period.

The lifespan of the LUNACUP menstrual cup

You can use a single cup for more than 5 years and its lifespan is more than 10 years.

How come the cup can be used repeatedly for so long?

Because the cup is made of a material which antibacterial by its nature and can be easily and regularly sterilized at home or while on the road. That is why the LUNACUP menstrual cup is always 100% clean.

100 % eco-friendly product

Because you can use it repeatedly you will save a significant sum of money and help the environment at the same time. The menstrual cup LUNACUP is as green as a green product can be.

What activities can I do with the inserted cup?

You can do whatever activity you like (jogging, cycling, yoga, swimming, sauna, etc.). You can do any water-related activity without a limitation.

No more shopping for tampons and pads.

You don’t have to keep an eye stock anymore!

No more bin hunting!

With the menstrual cup, you will never experience often awkward searching for the bin to dispose of the tampon or pad.

  •  You can’t feel the inserted cup and because it is fully inside your body, you feel comfortable and safe.
  • It has your back whole night (up to 12 hours). It needs to be emptied in the morning and evening only with the light flow.
  • The cup is impervious to leaks because it is firmly pressed against the vaginal wall.

Author: Tereza Morávková, LUNACUP,

Health risks of using pads or tampons

1. They contain toxic substances

In the process of whitening, the material (chlorination) the toxic dioxin builds up. It is not unusual to add more chemical substances to increase the absorption rate of pads or tampons.

2. Not sterile

No manufacturer guarantees the sterility of their products, be it pads or tampons. You will never find such a claim on the cover, simply because the sterility is unachievable.

3. An ideal environment for bacteria to multiply

The cellulose used for tampons is an ideal material for bacteria to multiply in as well as the steamy environment of pads that is impossible to ventilate. Bacteria multiply really fast. There is a risk of toxic shock syndrome (TSS).

4. They affect the natural balance of your body

Tampons dry out the membranes and change the pH; pads create a steamy environment. Tampons release small fabric fibers into the vagina.

The LUNACUP menstrual cup

  •  Doesn’t contain harmful substances (made entirely of medical grade silicone)
  •  Sterile
  •  The risk of the TSS is really small; the cup is antibacterial
  •  Doesn’t affect the inner environment of the vagina; doesn’t affect the pH
  •  Doesn’t stop the period as it is sometimes with tampons

Author: Tereza Morávková, LUNACUP.

Sustainable period

We understand the importance of taking care of our planet, we recycle on every day basis, we are sustainable aware. Some of us bring their own cups to a coffee shop, in many restaurants you can find plastic free straws. We have many reusable tools we can use in order not to overload our land with the plastic. There are more and more tools to find sustainable way of living, to take care of our environment.

But have you ever think of a sustainable period? Did you ask yourself how our menstrual cycle impacts the environment?

On average every woman use *5- 15 000 disposable menstrual products. Despite of having an option to use tampons made of 100% cotton, tampons are made of plastic. Did you know tampon is wrapped in plastic? Strain, outer layer, applicator all contain plastic.

I was literally shocked finding out that hygienic pads and tampons take up to **500 years for decomposing in landfill.

How can we make a change? I found a life changing solution. Actually I got an amazing present from my sister – period proof underwear, which I honestly did not hear about before. So, thank you, my caring sister for this awakening. At the beginning I have my doubts and I did not believe the functionality. But when my days came, I decided to give it a try. And to be honest, I fell in love. The comfort, material, functionality,…it is a real life changer! The only problem for me was I got only one piece of the period panties, so I started looking for more:) While looking for menstrual tools, a menstrual cup was brought to my attention. Why have I been avoiding it?

It has been a big boom for many years – menstrual cup – and it is still a taboo for many woman. Exploring the new ways of enjoying my period I decided to explore menstrual cup as well. To be honest I regret I have not had the courage to do it earlier. It is an incredible tool. I forgot about my period while I was using this cute cup. Of course, I was worried how it will work, but it was super easy and so functional. The size of the cup seems bigger than I was expecting, but it fit well. I simply followed the instructions and managed to use it without any difficulties. It was really comfortable.

What about you you? Did you know your period can be sustainable?

Explore your curiosity and start using reusable products.

You can make a change right NOW. Get your period proof panties or menstrual cup and share with us your experience. (Lets support each other and make the difference. It is in our hands.)

*Borunda, A. (2019, September 6) APA citation How tampons and pads became so unsustainable. Retrieved from How tampons and pads became unsustainable and filled with plastic (

** Environment committee (2018, August) Single‐use plastics: Unflushables. Retrived from LONDONASSEMBLY – – pdf document plastics_unflushables_-_submited_evidence.pdf (

Author: Claudia, Clothes Catch

Mood swings

Are you feeling sad, upset or frustrated for no reason? I feel it is becoming more and more common. I experienced that so many times and therefore I started looking for a homemade remedies.

Current situation does not make the situation easier. I feel thirsty for travelling and eager to socialize more than before. It is a human nature and we all appreciate the value of “enjoying every day”.

I believe it all starts from us, we need to take care of ourselves more than every before, follow healthy diet, exercise and do what makes us happy. Healthy diet gives us energy we need for every day. Exercise reduces our stress hormones, such as adrenaline and cortisol. What is more, exercise stimulates the production of endorphins – chemicals known for our mood elevation, they are natural painkillers as well.

Do you have enough vitamin D? Low levels of vitamin D may contribute to bad mood. It is actually proved that low vitamin D levels are correlated with major depression and premenstrual mood symptoms in women. Sunlight exposure is the primary source of vitamin D, let’s spoil ourselves with a little bit of sun every day, even if it means to step out from our office for a quick break. Did you know that low level of vitamin D is linked to obesity? Low level of vitamin D has a negative impact on leptin – the hormone which tells us if we have had enough food. It is also recommended to eat salmon, rich in vitamin D. There are plenty of supplements in the market as well.

A what does work for me? I believe in a good nutritional diet, proper sleep and enough movement during the day. It is all about a balance in our life. However with our busy schedules and stressful days, it seems unlikely to avoid supplements.

What about you? Did you find your homemade remedy? Do you have any tips to share with us?


Why Avicenum stockings are the right ones?

Women – we like to do our research first before we proceed with a purchase. I love to discuss with my friends, read feedbacks or just ask advice from professionals in the related field. Current market has so many products to offer, so it may sometimes become overwhelming and time consuming, right ladies?

And what was my reason to try Avicenum compression stockings? It might sound like a cliché, but it was honestly a word of mouth. I believe in an experience. I found these lovely compression stockings thanks to my colleague’s recommendation. It has been more than 8 years ago. I like to explore, so during those years I have tried another brands to see and experience different density, quality and colors. I became truly addicted and loyal to Avicenum stockings.

What really impressed me was the fact, that Avicenum stockings are made with ion-infused fabric that acts as a deodorant and therefore prevents unpleasant odours. Moreover, silver ions protects textile fibres from damage and increases durability.

No wonder they last sooooo long 🙂

And what about you? What are the factors you consider in making your decision? Have you tried Avicenum stockings and would you like to share your feedback?

I can not wait to hear from you!

Author: Claudia, Clothes Catch

Benefits of wearing compression stockings

Compression stockings have a ton of amazing benefits for your health, comfort, look and work!

Did you know, that wearing compression stockings improves blood circulation? They are specially designed to apply gentle pressure to your legs and ankles promoting blood flow from your legs to your heart.

When you wear compression stockings to stand or sit for hours at a time, you can significantly improve your health and reduce risk factors associated with blood clots and poor circulation. Not only that, but because our stockings reduce fatigue, you’ll feel more energetic throughout the day and when you get through with work too. Always feel too rundown after a flight or a shift to hit the gym or go for a run? Try our compression stockings! You’ll be amazed how much more energy you have!

Do your legs hurt after a long day of work? Even if you’re standing on a padded surface, hours of being on your feet can take their toll. Worse, if you’ve ever tried traditional compression socks or stockings, you know that they can pinch, bunch, roll, and generally cause a lot of discomfort. Our compression stockings are different! Say goodbye to pain. Bid adieu to uncomfortable “solutions”. At Clothes Catch, we carry award-winning compression stockings, designed with your comfort in mind.

To keep your stockings in the best shape, wash them by hand at around 30 – 40°C and dry them away from direct heat. If you prefer to use your washing machine, do not worry, it will work as well. One more important detail, do not use fabric softener for washing.

It is recommended to wear compression stockings during the day and take them off before going to bed.

And what about you and your experience with compression stockings?

We will be delighted to know your story!

Author: Claudia, Clothes Catch